As an independent, family-run Spa business, we’re passionate about the need for conscious beauty that is kind to people and planet.

  • We promote skincare rituals that encourage our customers to slow down, self-connect and engage in positive self-care of our mental and physical health.

  • We formulate our products to care for all types of skin.

  • We make our products with a great deal of care, being mindful of our impact on the earth and the environment.

The Sea Magik passion for true Spa [Sanitas Per Aqua] sits at the heart of everything we do. It’s the inspiration behind every Sea Magik treatment experience and the reason we use highly concentrated mineral water as the base of
all our skincare products. We source the earth’s finest and most potent natural mineral ingredients for maximum effect; delivering results you
can see and feel.



The human body is made from 70% mineral water. Minerals play a vital role in maintain skin function but are easily depleted through stress and lifestyle factors.

When we are mineral deficient we become vulnerable to a variety of health problems and skin conditions, which can also affect our wellbeing. Mineral deficiency contributes to many common skin conditions we may suffer; dryness, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, acne and premature skin ageing.


We have spent 30 years perfecting the infusion of mineral salts into skincare products and treatments in order to deliver outstanding results and relief from
skin concerns.

Applying pure Spa minerals to the skin helps to alleviate skin concerns, repairing and hydrating skin cells not just at surface level, but beyond.

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  • Vitamin A is the corner stone ingredient in Environ Skin Care philosophy

  • It must be replaced daily for skin to stay healthy and resilient

  • Combined with other essential nutrients like antioxidants and peptides, the long-term enhancement of skin becomes clearly visible

  • Vitamin A is the only vitamin that can penetrate into the skin to repair it​

If you would like to purchase any products please contact me directly as you may require a consultation due to the active ingredients in the products. We will also discuss your skincare concerns so I can advise which products will target those concerns.