Shrinking Violet Body Wrap -  £52/Course of 6 £260 (1 Free)

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a relaxing treatment that removes unwanted fat from all over the body. This clinically proven treatment works with your body through the same process of breaking down body fat as exercise.

Unlike traditional spa wraps which work through dehydration, Shrinking Violet body wraps work through lipolysis and detoxification, we actually recommend that you drink plenty of water, helping you to stay hydrated and feeling healthier.

This revolutionary 90-minute treatment will leave you with an instant all over inch loss, while also leaving the skin softer and smoother, with an overall better appearance of loose skin and cellulite.
The amount of fat reduced varies with each individual, many clients will drop a complete dress size in just one session.

Why Shrinking Violet?

  • Industry leading body wrap

  • Pain Free

  • Relaxing experience

  • Drop a dress size in one treatment

  • Clinically proven

  • Perfect last minute inch loss

  • Celebrity favourite

  • Helps improve the appearance of skin


The Science

An amazing formula of organic botanicals including lavender, juniper and lecithin is applied to the skin and massaged in.

The shrinking violet body wrap formula is formulated to give an immediate inch loss effect that carries on working after 24 hours

The active ingredient in the oil, binds to the under laying fat cells, breaking them down. This causes lipolysis to take place, which are the triglycerides in the fat cells changing into free fatty acids.

The free fatty acids are then excreted within tissue fluid to the lymph vessels and drained from the body through the lymphatic system.

Does It Work?
Yes! Clinical trails have proven, that One treatment with Shrinking Violet can reduce body fat by up to 2.5%. Over 91% of candidates had total losses of more than 2 inches. 83% of those had a total loss still greater than 2 inches at 24 hour’s post-treatment.

How Often Can I Have A Treatment?
1st month 1 wrap weekly, 2nd month 1 wrap fortnightly, 3rd month 1 wrap follow up. Suggested monthly session. PLEASE NOTE  2 wraps can be carried out in the 1st week after 72hrs for a kick start.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Most clients require maintenance treatments once or twice a year after the initial course of 6/8 treatments. Just as an athlete continues to work out; once a desired fitness level has been achieved, you want to be sure that the inches removed stay away for good and your body remains toned and firmed


Shrinking violet is also great as a one off treatment to help you fit into that special outfit that may be a little bit tight. We would advise to have the treatment the day before your party/event

Who Is Suitable?
Unfortunately the wrap is not suitable for people who have a soya bean allergy, who are pregnant, breastfeeding or for anyone that has had an operation in the past 6 months.

Please take a moment to read through the list below, should you answer yes to any of the questions, you will need to bring it to my attention before we can confirm the booking.

• Do you have any other allergies?
• Do you have any unexplained inflammation or swelling?
• Do you have raised varicose veins?
• Are you Claustrophobic?
• Are you taking any medication?
• Are you currently receiving any medical treatment?
• Do you have any cuts, abrasions, wounds, sunburn, severe eczema or psoriasis?
• Are you diabetic?
• Do you have high or low blood pressure?
• Do you have thyroid problems?
• Are you asthmatic?

Does It Hurt?
No, not at all. In fact most individuals find it so relaxing, that a power nap often goes hand in hand with the treatment.

Do I Need A Consultation?
Yes, a consultation will take place before the treatment. This allows me to assess your medical history, goals and needs, helping us to tailor the perfect treatment/course.

How Should I Prepare For The Treatment?

  • Drink plenty of water (around 2 litres a day) in the days prior to your


  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 1-2 days beforehand.

  • Do not eat a heavy meal before your wrap.

  • Eat small meals regularly before and after wrap. Do not skip meals, as

    this will slow the metabolism.

  • Drinking alcohol after the wrap during loss period (72hrs) will cause

    fluid retention so will give false results.

  • Do not wax (48 hours) or shave (24 hours)

  • To help penetration of the product through the skin, please DO NOT

    use moisturiser/lotion or use heavy shower/bath creams on the day of

    the appointment.

  • For best results, please shower/bath the day before, exfoliating the skin

    using an oil free product or a loofa type cloth.

  • Please wear underwear or a bikini that you do not mind getting oil on

How Long Do The Results Last?

The Shrinking Violet body wrap will break down fat cells which are then removed by the body. This combined with a good diet and regular exercise, will ensure the results will remain permanent.


The Treatment

  • Measurements will be taken from areas of your body

  • Before photographs will be taken (front, side, back and side)

  • Full body brushing lying on the couch

  • Application of Extreme Booster Serum to areas of concern

  • Application of Shrinking Violet Body Oil over all areas

  • In a standing position I will apply the wrapture to one area at a time

  • You will then be assisted onto the couch and wrapped in towels

    and a foil blanket for 1 hour

  • You will receive a Facial and Scalp Massage during this time for

    pure relaxation

  • The wrapture is removed while you are lying on the bed

  • Measurements are then retaken in a standing position along with




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