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E-light (IPL+RF) combines three advanced technologies:

  1. Bipolar Radio Frequency

  2. IPL

  3. Skin Contact Cooling

The “E-Light” system is the next level of technology, which combines both RF & IPL technology.  First the IPL (intense pulse light) energy is used to preheat the target area which creates a thermal path for the RF (radio frequency) energy to travel.  Then the electromagnetic energy RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle or targeted vascular and pigmented lesions.  E-light is very effective in the reduction and removal of unwanted hair, red vein and pigmented lesions.  E-light produces three times more efficiency than traditional IPL.

Skin rejuvenation using E-light is rapidly becoming recognized as a fast, safe and highly effective method of reducing unwanted pigmentation and improving the tone of the skin without suffering painful side effects.  This treatment is highly effective and the client can return to normal day to day activities immediately following the treatment. A thorough consultation and a patch test must be carried out before treatment; treatment can be booked 48-72 hours after a patch test (Skin Type 1-3) 14 days (Skin Type 4).


The E-light IPL system helps to regenerate new collagen and elastin, enhance skin elasticity and firmness, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimize large pores. This process will reveal a naturally younger appearance with clearer and more even complexion without any facial alterations.


E-Light can effectively clear mild to moderate inflammatory acne and dramatically improve the overlook of your skin. E-Light Acne Treatments utilize a high intensity light source and radio frequency to penetrate through the tissue and destroy acne bacteria quickly and easily. Typically, just 6 treatments over a two-month period will greatly improve the appearance of skin as well as even out skin tone and improve acne scaring


E-Light effectively collapses veins and broken capillaries without doing any damage to the surrounding outer layers of the skin. The reason for this is that the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is preferentially absorbed by the red colour in the blood which flows in the veins. This light together with radio frequency converts to heat, causing shrinkage of the vein. The wavelength discharged through the pulse of the machine enables the light and radio frequency to reach the targeted veins under the skin, clearing or fading the vein significantly


E-light technology has been used with great success to remove pigmented areas on the skin. Using this state of the art technology, charged energy light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) are selectively emitted and absorbed by the pigmented areas, sparing the normal surrounding tissue. Combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with radio frequency (RF) requires less melanin-dependent light energy to successfully treat pigmentation, being therefore safer for treating darker skin tones. Skin pigmentation in the face, neck, chest and hands can be treated safely and effectively. The added benefit of the E-Light technology is that it also works to activate cells in the skin called fibroblasts which stimulate collagen remodelling and new collagen production. Effectively, this helps to rejuvenate the skin, improving its texture, visibly minimizing pores and reducing superficial fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a more youthfully hydrated appearance.


Because the E-light only acts on hairs that are in the growth phase, the numbers of sessions for hair removal depends on the colour of the hair, its location and the length of the hair growth cycle.  The area being treated and individual genetic factors also determine the number of treatments required.  This is why it is difficult to give an exact number of sessions.  However, it is generally accepted that an average of six to eight sessions give good results.  Generally, sun damage can be resolved in just a few visits whilst vascular lesions and wrinkle reduction show significant results following up to six applications.

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