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The principle behind E-Light acne laser treatment is a special 430nm wavelength, the rays of light kills Propionibacterium acne, reduces sebum production, fades discolouration caused by acne and reduces the depth of acne scars.
It is spectacular at reducing pore size and balancing fatty and dry areas. The E-Light technology is a combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) and Radio Frequency, which is actually an improved version of a normal flash treatment. Working together, light and RF energy tighten and tone the skin.
E-Light is a natural, gentle and extremely effective solution for treating more severe forms of acne, before treatment a consultation and patch test will be required to ensure this is the correct procedure for your skin.

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  • Acne inflammation decreases

  • The pores will be smaller and the skin texture will improve

  • The production of sebum is reduced

  • Acne-caused discolouration and spots fade

  • The depth of the acne scars decreases

  • Greasier and die patches of skin will become balanced out


Before the treatment it is important to avoid sunlight and solariums.

The treatment can only begin on un-tanned skin, since tanned skin may be burnt. It is important that the person being treated does not take photosensitising medication and is not photosensitive. One month before treatment it is prohibited to use microdermabrasion, acid peels, retinol treatments and other treatments, which make the upper skin layer sensitive. Before treatment, a test flash is required, after which you should wait one week to make sure that your skin tolerates light. The test flash also allows us to personalise the treatment parameters. After treatment the skin may become slightly red.

Applying make-up is possible but not recommended.

In the 2-3 weeks after the treatments, it is important to avoid sunlight and wear high-SPF sunscreen.

In the first few days after the treatment, swimming pools, saunas and hot baths or showers should be avoided as well.


The treatment should be repeated every 2 weeks.

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Acne treatments can take approximately 4-8 sessions. 2 weeks apart.

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